2017 / 86 mins / HD / Colour / English / Drama / Canada

Writer/Director:  Ana Valine
Producers: Lori Lozinski & Seanna McPherson
Cinematographer: Michael Leblanc
Cast: Kate Corbett, Teach Grant, Juan Riedinger, Kris Demeanor
Funding: Telefilm Canada

Company: Violator Films / Rodeo Queen Pictures

A winter wonderland, a young Lady secluded in a doublewide trailer with flowing liquor, a Hunter, a Welder, a Plumber, guns, bullets, a missing wife, and ambiguous sexual tension… What could go wrong?

This northern tale takes unseemly turns when a young woman working as a welder’s helper finds herself in over her head with three men in a secluded doublewide trailer. A guilty secret, a grudge between brothers and a concealed relationship are all exposed; muted at first, but more menacing as the night wears on. Wolves, booze, and guns fuel this psychological powder keg. Entangled in a web of unresolved family drama, she learns the hard way about surviving nature in the North.


Violator Films Inc

World Premiere - 36th Vancouver International Film Festival


Vancouver Sun: Once There Was A Winter is one chilly thriller