2008 / 78 mins / HD / Colour / English / Drama / Canada

Writer: Katherine Schlemmer
Director:  Carl Laudan
Producers: Lori Lozinski & Carl Laudan
Executive Producer: Andrew Koster
Cinematographer: Steven Denault
Cast: Valerie Buhagiar, Natasha Greenblatt, Eve Harlow, Jaren Brandt Bartlett, Ryan Robbins
Company: Violator Films/Cineman Films


Three teenagers form an unlikely bond on a road trip to nowhere in a wide open field behind a women's shelter. In a broken-down 1970's VW bus, upper-class-sixteen-year-old Josephine Nash, wise-beyond-her-years Kendra and urban-poet Cal invent their own private Utopia. It shatters when Cal's mother is killed and he's forced out of the Shelter. Jo's anger detonates, throwing her onto a collision course with everyone around her. "Sheltered Life" explores themes of morality, vengeance, and justice, through these three friends, an ensemble cast of shelter women, and the story of a daughter who loves her mother enough to destroy the world.


Violator Films Inc